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My Bed is an Air Balloon

A beautifully presented picture book with two front covers, the text can be read from front to back and vice versa. The mirror form poem meets in the middle in a stunning centrepiece image as the two children in the story (twins, one in an air balloon, the other a sailing boat) meet in the clouds!

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The Shrew that Flew by Julia Copus

The Shrew that Flew

Badger’s having a hat party, and best friends Harry and Lil are invited. But just as Lil the Shrew is fetching her favourite hat from the washing line, it blows away – too high to rescue. Harry says it’s gone for good, but Lil has other ideas…

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The Landlord’s Cat

Co-written with Julia’s brother (children’s composer Antony Copus), this is a fun-packed nativity musical featuring a tale about a Bethlehem cat who becomes curious about Mary and Joseph’s arrival at the inn.

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