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Poetic and intriguing… Jay’s whimsical paintings with their soft lines, calming blue-green-natural palette, round-faced children, and smiling moon match perfectly with Copus’ rhythmic text to make for a calming bedtime read.

My Bed is an Air Balloon is a slightly strange and all the way wonderful picture book that’s destined to be a bedtime classic. Imagines a world of nighttime travels and adventure, where children’s beds turn into air balloons and sailing boats, floating over a land full of whimsical imaginary creatures. Its poetic flights of fancy will delight both parents and children.

Reads like a lyric poem, in a sing-song rhythm with the lines of words in a wavy formation from page to page. Perfect for a day care, preschool and even a kindergarten classroom to share at nap time. This is a five star.

A soothing bedtime read… full of nonsense words ‘fluttertufts’ and ‘whifflepigs’ to describe the wondrous creatures living in the worlds below.

My Bed is an Air Balloon brings playfulness and joy to bedtime storytime… What better way to send your kids off to dreamland?

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