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As a podcast producer for the Royal Literary Fund’s Writers Aloud series, I’ve interviewed a number of other writers, including poets Charles BoyleJane Draycott, Ian DuhigGwyneth Lewis, Joanne Limburg, Mimi Khalvati, Pascale PetitClare Pollard and Jo Shapcott; novelists Katharine McMahon and Jane Feaver; and children’s authors Heather Dyer and Harriet Castor. The podcasts are available on the RLF website, and as a free podcast in the iTunes store. You can click on individual names, or access the whole series by clicking on the logo to the left here, designed by the multi-talented Kona Macphee.

Here’s a selection:

Ian Duhig on his early life and work, and the genesis of his much-loved poem The Lammas Hireling.

Clare Pollard on motherhood, politics, and how it feels to be labelled a ‘Bad Girl’ of the literary scene.

Heather Dyer on overcoming writer’s block through a process of awakening and relinquishment.

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